11 January 2015

Portfolio Management

Mr.Ajay Walimbe
 Company Secretary
At the out set Mr.Ajay Walimbe informed that portfolio can be for real estate, Art effects, stocks, & Jewelery items.

Mr.Ajay Walimbe informed a empirical formula related to age of a person for the purpose of investing in stocks & other financial instruments. ( % of total investment in stocks should be equal to 100 minus the age of the person)

Mr.Ajay Walimbe warned that one must not invest in illiquid stocks, and at the same time do not develop love for the stocks one holds. He also gave a few tips for designing a portfolio. He suggested that one must specify the objective of ROI & then identify the stocks based on sector of Industry, revenue growth and Net profit for 3 years, PE ratio, EPS, BV, debt/equity etc.

Mr.Ajay Walimbe advised the investors to regularly monitor the portfolio & correct the course based on the developments.

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