17 January 2015

Investment culture for Quality Life

Mr.Deepak Ghaisas
VP, Lokamanya Seva Sangh
According to Mr.Deepak Ghaisas, any investment culture is not successful on standalone basis. It is based on the theory of reflexivity. Any good investment model cannot depend on single model of investment. Multiple models need to be kept ready because of changes that take place in the market.

Why we are investing & How much to Invest need to be understood by the investor.
All investments are basically to get Quality of life – ultimately the happiness but happiness is not defined. Making money is not bad objective, it is basically Upjivika – not main reason for Jivika - for living.

Investment in family is the time you spend with your family. It gives you happiness. Investing in health can give you happiness. Investing in community – concept of Microfinance, can give you happiness. Similarly Intellectual Property and spirituality that will do away the stress management will make you happy. To conclude, he said culture of quality life is not restricted to money you earn through investment of financial instrument but through above referred 5 mantras.