12 January 2015

Emerging Investment Themes in Indian Equities

Mr. Swanand Kelkar
 Executive Director
 PMS, Morgan Stanley
Mr.Swanand Kelkar gave bird’s eye-view of Investment thinking of a multi-geography FIIs, including asset allocation, emerging sectors/ New themes and bottom up stocks.

According to Mr.Kelkar, at present India is more attractive destination for the foreign capital compared to Indonesia, SA, Brazil & Turkey.
There are 5 factors working for India.

1)   The stable political situation
2)   Rise in per capita income over last 5 years.
3)   Growth of Internet, Mobile Telephony, & TV channels
4)   Emergence of e-commerce
5) Planned Movement of goods in the country through dedicated corridors

Other factors favoring India as sought after destination is Inflation under control, Crude prices fallen sharply, thereby reducing CAD & stability to the currency.

According to him Return of capital is equally important as return on Capital.