21 January 2015

Modi Government & Indian Economy today & Tomorrow

Mr.Chandrashekhar Tilak is an economist & well known commentator on Budget analysis. He has been delivering budget speeches since 1988 and has completed a feat of over 1,000 lectures until date. He has been with NSDL, heading Indian Capital Market Division, for last 18 years. He was also member of the BSE Board for several Years. He has written books on the Indian Economy.

Principal M.D.Limaye Memorial Lecture by Mr. Chandrashekhar Tilak (Executive Vice-President at NSDL ) on 17th January 2015, in Tilak Mandir, Gokhale Hall.

According to Mr.ChandrashekharTilak, Modi Govt. means business, & actions. He does not mix economic interest of the nation with politics. He gave four following examples to confirm his statements.

Appointment of Union Minister of state for Home Affairs, Mr.Kiren Rijiju, an iconic political leader from Arunanchal. PM almost cajoled, persuaded him to take up the responsibility, as he was the only competent person to fill the post..

Kiren Rijiju was elected from Arunanchal Pradesh for the second time for the 16th Lok Sabha. He is considered the face of BJP & Voice of North East India. He made a statement  for construction of border roads along the border of China in Arunanchal & is considered as a one of the bold statement from any politician of India. Also for improving the communication in Arunanchal, he asked for 878 Telecom towers to be installed, which was sanctioned immediately, budget being monitored by the minister himself. Arunanchal is mineral rich belt, particularly for oil & gas, needs development for India’s future.

Second example he gave was Regular trains from Delhi to Katra for resettlement of Hindu refugees (Pandits) from J & K who are presently settled in camps out side New Delhi. This is a very important issue for not only Pandits but also strong entrenching of BJP in J &K at grass root level.

Third example was Horticulture centre for Assam and Bihar. 4th major component of India’s CAD is the import of fruits, flowers, Toys & Electronic goods from China & other countries. This can be curtailed by promoting Horticulture in North Eastern states, not only creating employment but also enhancing GDP of the region. Rs.136 cr were sanctioned & no political issues were raised by Modi govt.

Fourth example, is establishing Sports Academy in Manipur & sanctioning Rs.125 cr for the development sports & athletes for the forthcoming Olympics games. No. of medals won by sportspersons from Manipur, Meghalaya & Nagaland was 25% of All India tally of medals.
Mr.Tilak particularly mentioned about the Asian Games Gold medalist boxer Mary Kom who asked for award money to be given to Sports Academy rather than for herself.

Lastly, Modi Govt is shifting the focus to Younger generation while selecting the bureaucrats & ministers as well as members of NITI Aayog. Present Govt. which has started projects like “JanaDhan, Swatcha Bharat is convinced that it is the young generation who is prepared to change India, & should be motivated through participation in Govt sponsored schemes.

The talk by Mr.Chandrashekhar Tilak was appreciated by all & Mr. Mukund Chitale, President of the Lokmanya Seva Sangh in his concluding session, appealed to all to implement the good thoughts of the present Govt.   

- Vinod Borkar

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