11 January 2015

Investor Protection – Indian Security Market

Mr. Rajesh Doshi Compared the scenario in Indian Security market Pre NSE & post NSE. NSE established in 1994, started online trading platform with satellite communication technology, set up the first depository in the country, & played key role in introduction of derivatives market in India. 

Indian Capital markets were made world class in terms of transparency, efficiency and safety.

NSE focused on Investors & trained them through seminars, publications, Education through NCFM etc. Mr. Doshi also enumerated 7 mantras of Investing like Start early investing, diversification of Investment, analyzing & investing, monitoring regularly etc.

Mr. Rajesh Doshi emphasized that choose only SEBI registered brokers while investing to avoid frauds & cheating.

Mr. Rajesh Doshi concluded by saying one must also know the rights & responsibilities of investors & utilize the NSE and Investor service in the event of a dispute investor’s complaint.